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It has been said that over 99% of adults believe that an attractive smile is an important social asset. Here at GMS Dental Center, we want to help our customers in Honolulu, HI achieve that attractive smile via our teeth whitening services. We stand by our slogan of being the “Best Dentist in Hawaii” and we do everything we can to make sure all of our services are up to par with that mantra.

While there certainly are plenty of over-the-counter teeth whitening products, many of them simply don’t have the capabilities that a professional dentist can provide. Many of those products also take quite a while to work properly, which can result in costs that really start to pile up. Our goal at GMS Dental Center is to provide our customers with quick, easy, and affordable teeth whitening services.

Our in-house dentist, Dr. Eric Muraoka, was named 2014’s #1 Dentist in Hawaii by Honolulu Magazine and we guarantee that our teeth whitening process is one of the most effective you’ll find on the island. Our services are extremely affordable and we offer same-day appointment opportunities if you’re looking for immediate whitening services.

Feel free to give us a call at any time during our office hours and we’ll schedule a consultation so you know exactly what the process and costs will entail.

Give us a call as soon as it is convenient for you, and let us help you get that clean, beautiful, and white smile that you’ve always wanted!

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